Restoring RootFS

In this part we'll create HFS+ volumes on newly created partitions and restore RootFS to one of them

Creating filesystems

First of all, let's create mount points:

mkdir /mnt1
mkdir /mnt2

Now create filesystems:

/sbin/newfs_hfs -s -v System -J -b bsize -n a=bsize,c=bsize,e=bsize /dev/disk0s1s3

/sbin/newfs_hfs -s -v Data -J -b bsize -n a=bsize,c=bsize,e=bsize /dev/disk0s1s4

Where bsize is value of your device's blocksize, obviously

Mount second one:

mount_hfs /dev/disk0s1s4 /mnt2

Could not create property for re-key environment check message is OK, it appears even while native restores. So, no worries

Now send your RootFS image you prepared in Part 1 to /mnt2. You may use scp or send it through afc2


After it run ASR:

asr restore --source /mnt2/UDZO.dmg --target /dev/disk0s1s3 --erase

Validating source takes a while, no worries

After it succeeds, you may run fsck_hfs just for sure:

fsck_hfs -f /dev/disk0s1s3

That's all, RootFS image is restored

> Part 4: Modifying filesystems